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Where it all Starts

This is the most common step overlooked when Roofers - or anyone for that matter - sets up facebook ads! 

What is a FB Pixel?

My friend, this becomes your best friend in the world when you know how to use it! 

Be a Thought Leader

Customers are willing to pay a fair price for the best contractor. This is where you make sure your efforts are household knowledge. 

The Magic Action

This is the dirty secret little trick that makes it allllll worth it. With these simple tricks you take what would be a good advertising campaign and turn it into a sales process that delivers quality roofing leads on autopilot! 

The Bonus Round

Now includes many "done for you" resources to help you get your first ad up and running and looking good right away. 

Plus a personal 15 minute coaching session with the Roofing Business Partner Adam Sand - FREE!

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Hands down the BEST VALUE for roofers looking to get the results they couldn't even have dreamed of!


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