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Hi, I'm Adam!


Since 2003 I have been experimenting with social media marketing. (Hint: That is before facebook was on your phone.)
I have a pretty crazy story about how a promo on facebook was mistaken for an act of terrorism!(funny story)
I learned VERY early the power of social media to spread a message! 
Which is why I decided to get a marketing education and training on facebook ads.
At first it allowed me to get a partnership in a Roofing Company in exchange for my services. 
From there I was interviewed on the "Art of Paid Traffic"podcast by my Mentor - a great honour. This result in me taking on a bunch more clients in the roofing industry. Quickly I saw that my process not only worked, but it was repeatable in different markets with different goals. Commercial, Residential, Storms, Repairs, Roof Replacements, Flat, Sloped, Asphalt, Tile... Didn't matter.    
That was really cool but I found there are clients I like and clients I don't like. (You need to be coachable!) 
I also learned that I need to charge more to remain creative and excited! So I let the difficult clients go and focused on my main clients. However I start to feel bad that I couldn't help the roofers who were coachable and willing to work but couldn't yet afford my time. So in February of 2017 I start a small class to teach other roofers how to do it themselves.
It was the most rewarding experience ever!

I Challenge you to prove me wrong, and show me that this cannot work in your area.
You owe it to yourself, your family, and the future employees and customers of your business!


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