40% More Roofing Clients are Hiding on Facebook

Get the free blueprint that shows you exactly how to reach them, and earn their business with Facebook Ads.


Reach Clients Earlier in the Buying Process..... Pay Less per Lead due to less Roofers using Facebook Properly..... Earn a higher Roof Price by Teaching First Selling Second AUTOMATICALLY


What is the Roofer Facebook Ad Blueprint?

Estimates that Sign Fast

Find the customers that want to hire top notch contractors, are willing to pay the appropriate price for quality.

Mind Hacking Infographics

Learn to automate the process of teaching your customers visually, up front, before they call. Reduce the time it takes to sell a roof. 

Facebook Ads that Work

How to set up a Facebook Ad Funnel that delivers Roofing Leads on Autopilot. Own your customer flow, FINALLY!


Be where the Eyeballs are

With millions of monthly active users, and facebooks powerful platform for targeting. There is no better place to acquire roofing clients.


Thought Leadership

Suddenly clients start wondering if they can afford you, rather than if you will work for less. Be the local leader by teaching first selling second. 


Run your Business

When you own the flow of leads and what is being said. You run your business instead of it running you. Why pay for leads that you have to share with everyone else?

“The BEST customers are facebook customers, they like us more. They pay us more, they agree to us doing the roof that day, and they refer us the most customers that are just like them.”
Joe — Sargeant's Roofing

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